In addition to our extensive course catalog, we offer course customization specific to your company’s policies and procedures – complete with photos and/or videos of your facilities at no additional cost.                                                 

Here are some of the other no cost value added features:                                                                                            

  • Your own dedicated website (available at no additional cost - minimum 100 employees)
  • Your own domain
  • Hosting
  • Website Management
  • Mobile version for easy navigating with tablets or smart phones
  • Customized forms and databases (i.e. safety audits, employee profiles, due dates, etc.) A
  • Auto reminder email system to remind managers of important due dates, etc.
  • Resource area for policies and procedures
  • Front page company news area
  • Tracking
  • On-demand Reporting
  • On-time completion % and detail reports
  • Maintain Employee Roster
  • Maintain due dates for training
  • Customized course development
  • Customized company specific course development
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