About Us

We are Sentry Road … We provide customized on-line compliance training focused on specific industries and companies. Most industries are not easy to understand and most of the available online training does little more than provide broad coverage. That’s just not good enough where one error can cost so much.


“We help companies take care of employees, protect the public, and safeguard their businesses.”


Kyle Scallan, President and CEO of Sentry Road since 2010, holds 35 years of dynamic transportation industry experience. With a solid foundation in the industry, Kyle's journey began with various safety and management positions, allowing him to acquire a wealth of experience and insights. His commitment to enhancing safety standards and protocols has been unwavering throughout his career.


We work with a number of consultants to ensure the integrity of their courses. All courses are reviewed by those who know and perform the work as well as licensed, professional safety officers. You simply won’t find another online resource more committed to the Bulk Transportation industry than Sentry Road.

Melissa Moser 

Voice Talent/Director of Administration

Kendall Arnold 

Chief Operation Officer

Kyle Scallan

President and CEO

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