Why e-learning?

Interactive, Online Training:

Few companies have the time, the money, or the personnel to train each employee in the essential compliance standards that are necessary to ensure worker safety and protect the business. Either safety education is compromised, putting employees and the company at risk; or the company pays for costly training with borderline results. That may be fine for people who work in an office and merely need to meet a compliance training standard; but CYA is just not good enough where life-threatening dangers are an everyday reality!

That’s why we created SentryRoad. Workers are meant for work, not the classroom! We know that employees need to interact with the content—they need to stay busy or the effort is often worthless.

Our courses focus workers on the content in words they understand and scenarios they live. We give them enough information to keep them focused on staying safe and doing the right thing in their own workplace, without information overload. And we keep them busy throughout each course.

Most importantly, our courses are industry and company specific Your employees don’t need to sit through workshops or videos about construction workers standing on high-rise girders or sewage workers fitting pipes under the city streets. They need courses that address the work they do in and around the risks and hazards unique to this industry. They need Sentry Road.

Compliance Certification:

We are responsible to OSHA and DOT for the content of our courses and we work with both agencies to ensure all content is accurate and appropriate for the industry.

And our courses ensure your employees earn the certificates they receive. They learn the content and pass a test demonstrating that knowledge before moving on.Once the employee earns a certificate, you print the dated certificate for your personnel records.


If your employee earns a certificate, but you can’t find it when an OSHA or DOT inspector comes knocking … you will simply direct the inspector to us and we will provide all of the required documentation. We maintain your records for you and provide you with a monthly report. It just doesn’t get easier or safer than that. 

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Last modified: Monday, 21 August 2023, 2:56 PM